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About Me

Hi everyone!


Thank you for browsing my website and see what I can offer you. Here's just a little of information about me, Reverend Beth the Deaf Officiant. Yes, you read that right, the Deaf Officiant, meaning I'm Deaf and able to provide these services for the Deaf and ASL (American Sign Language) community. The services are not limited to the Deaf only, but open to Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind, Interpreters, ASL and deaf-friendly hearing people. My primary language is ASL and I'm fluent with spoken and written English. 


This few years and now has been a uniquely crazy time with the covid and with the regulations happening world-wide. Before all this was going on, for more than 2 years I've been a stay-home mom, doing crystal healing, shamanism, and filmmaking. While doing all of this, I feel I've been called by the beautiful universe to offer more, in which lead me to becoming an Ordained Minister. There are wonderful days ahead for us all who want to make great memories with their loved ones.


I look forward to meeting y'all. Happy Vibes!

Rev. Beth E. Hansen
Wedding Rings and Bridal Crown
In short, what does an ordained minister do? As a minister, I have the legal ability to marry and baptize people, as well as offer blessings and last rites. My services are open to anyone and everyone.


The Universal Life Church is the only denomination that opens its doors to everyone.

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